Colomer Alos - Autumn Came


Image of Colomer Alos - Autumn Came

Original Oil
29" x 50” Framed

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Colomer Alos was born in 1945. A disciple of the famous painter Vila Puig de Sabadell, he studied in Barcelona at the College of Saint George.

Finally, upon finishing his studies, he travelled extensively through Europe painting still life, seascapes and finally landscapes, an area in which he flourished and has since become his forte.

He receives his inspiration from the forests and national parks of northern Catalonia, where he enjoys the dramatic change in colour of the landscape; from lush, green grasses to vibrant yellow sunflowers and the deep reds that autumn brings.

Alos is a natural at transferring light and colour onto canvas, often using just a single masterstroke of colour. It is this technique of laying down colour on his canvases with a brush, palette knife or even digit which gives his impressionistic style such life and vitality.

While he has worked to establish himself in smaller galleries local to his home in Catalonia, we are now proud to introduce this artist to a much wider audience.

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Image of Colomer Alos - Autumn Came